Six Lecturers of English Education Present Their Research Result in International Seminar of ELTLT UNNES 2017 


The lecturer of English Education Universitas Tidar participated as presenters in the international seminar of ELTLT 2017 held by Faculty of Languages and Arts, Universitas Negeri Semarang on 7-8 October 2017 in Aston hotel Semarang. They are Dr. Dwi Winarsih, M.Pd., Lilia Indriani, M.Pd., Arum Nisma Wulanjani, M.Pd., Atsani Wulansari, M.Hum, Candradewi Wahyu Anggraeni, M.Pd., and Gilang Fadhilia Arvianti, M.Hum.

ELTLT-English Language Teaching, Literature, and Translation is the annual international seminar focused on teaching, literature, and translation. The main theme for this ELTLT 2017 is Beyond 21st Century Education in ELT, Literature, and Translation: Linking Theories to Contextualized Practices. On this seminar, the six lecturers of English Education presented their research result about English teaching and translation analysis.

In addition, the lecturers also had a change to improve their knowledge about English language by joining the plenary and parallel session. There are five keynote speakers who give fascinating material in plenary session. They are:

  1. Dr. Dr. H.c. Juliane House (Hamburg University)- Translation as Intercultural Communication
  2. Said M.Shiyab, Ph.D. (AWEJ- Kent State University)-Best Practices for Language Teaching
  3. Leslie Barratt, Ph.D. ( Rajabhat Roi Et University and Indiana State University)- English Language teaching, literature, and translation: Where are we, where are we going, and how do we get there?
  4. Aslam Khan bin Samahs Khan, Ph.D (Institute of Teacher Education, Malaysia)- 21st Century Pedagogical Skills in English Language Education: Empowering the Learner through Contextualized Innovations and Best Practices in Literature, Learning and Teaching.
  5. Rochayah Machali, Ph.D. (University of New South Wales, Australia)- Translation studies and research in Indonesia: possibilities abd challenges.

By attending the international seminar like ELTLT 2017, the lecturers of English Education of Universitas Tidar are expected to improve their research publication so that the performance of lecturers in applying one of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi is also increasing. (AW)

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