Lecturers of FETT Receive HKI


On the Open Senate Session of the 5th Anniversary of Universitas Tidar, on April 4th 2019, two lecturers from Faculty Education and Teachers Training (FETT) received a symbolic Intellectual Property Rights Certificate from the rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mukh. Arifin, M. Sc. The Intellectual Property Rights Certificate is issued by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. A book entitled “Belajar Berbasis Riset” by Prof. Sukarno, M. Si., the Dean of FETT, and his team received the Intellectual Property Rights (HKI) certificate on April 1st, 2019.

“We received exactly Monday, April 1st, 2019, yesterday after waiting around five months since it was submitted on October 1st, 2018. We are proud, because this guidebook is the result of our team’s hard work for about one year, “said the team leader, Prof. Sukarno, M.Sc. The Dean of FKIP said that the guidebook is based on the vision and mission of Universitas Tidar as a research-based university in developing science, technology, art, and entrepreneurship.FETT as a Teacher Training Education Institution (LPTK) came with an idea to formulate the guidebook in order to achieve the vision of Universitas Tidar. The process of compiling this book begun with the preparation of the guidelines, then it was tested, followed by the implementation of Focus Group Discussion (FGD), and reviewed by experts’ judgment. Based on these inputs, we revised and completed it so that “Belajar Berbasis Riset” book is ready to publish, he explained. There were five other lecturers from FETT who were involved in the process of compiling the book, they were Prof. Dr. Cahyo Yusuf, M. Pd., Dr. Sri Haryati, M. Pd., Dr. Ahmad Muhlisin, M. Pd., Siswanto, S. Pd., M. Pd., And Sri Sarwanti, S. Pd., M. Hum.

“As a follow up to the preparation of this guidebook, a dissemination was carried out in the form of training at the university level and the implementation of research-based learning in lectures followed by monitoring and evaluation. We hope that this book, in accordance with the vision and mission of Universitas Tidar, can be implemented optimally. A contextual learning has an important role in research-based learning since it applies the mindset and steps of research, starting from identifying problems, finding solutions, testing, to applying to the learning process, “he added.

Furthermore, there is another book produced by lecturers of FETT entitled “Psikologi Pendidikan dengan Model Belajar Berbasis Riset” by Dr. Sri Haryati, M. Pd. and the team which was awarded HKI certificate dated on December 27th, 2018. The certificate was addressed to Dr. Sri Haryati, M. Pd., Fifit Firmadani, S. Pd., M. Pd., And Desi Nurhikmahyanti, S. Pd., M. Pd.

“In 2017 we began to develop research with the Research and Development (RnD) method. One step in RnD is developing a product, so the results of the study are made into a draft book that is validated by experts. Then in the second year, 2018, it starts to be applied in lectures and asks for input regarding the effectiveness of each learning model in the book. After going through revisions from various inputs, around September 2018 it was sent to publishers to be printed and then submitted for HKI, “she explained.

“As a follow up to the issuance of HKI, she said that the Educational Psychology book with a Research-Based Learning Model was used as a learning textbook. She hopes the book will help lecturers and students in studying Educational Psychology courses because of its complete content. Starting from the concepts of educational psychology, mental symptoms, individual differences, concepts of learning and learning, kinds of learning theory and its application in the classroom to learning evaluation. [NA]

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