Two Lecturers of Indonesian Language and Literature Program Get Funding from Ministry of Research and Higher Education.


The notification letter dated January 9, 2017 brought a bunch of happiness for Faculty of Teachers Training and Education of Tidar University as it announced that two lecturers of Indonesian Language and Literature Program (PBSI) had received research funding from the Ministry of Research and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti), they were Rangga Asmara, M, Pd., and Imam Baihaqi, M.A. It is indeed such a pride for the biggest faculty of Untidar as its lecturers are among the only four from Untidar to have such an achievement. The other two come from different faculties namely Xander Salahudin, M.Eng. (Faculty of Engineering) and Dra. Eny Boedi Orbawati, M.Sc. (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences).

Rangga applied for a study entitled “Linguistic Strategies of President Jokowi in Cultivating Ideological and Government Manifesto (Critical Interpretation in Measuring Discourse and Reality)”. Meanwhile, Imam submitted a study entitled “Characteristics of Oral Literature Mitoni in Central Java as Pedagogical Content Knowledge”.This very good news has given “certain” lessons for the other lecturers of FKIP out of just the happy atmosphere they feel, one of which is to propose the right idea on the right level/division. Kemristekdikti offered some divisions/levels related to research proposals in 2016. As young lecturers, Rangga and Imam put their proposal precisely on the right place regarding their background and divisions from Kemristekdikti. They both proposed on “Research for Beginner Lecturers” division, something that the other lecturers might have forgotten.

It was just within minutes for the other lecturers of FKIP to congratulate the two, making internal Whatsapp group of FKIP full of congratulations. In response to it, Rangga and Imam were so thankful. Imam said that a non-stop struggle had been one of the factors making his proposal pass Kemristekdikti requirements. Furthermore, it also becomes one thing to evaluate by FKIP lecturers in order to pass more proposals. Personally for each, it is a clear picture how to get fundings from Kemristekdikti for their proposals. (AL)

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