FETT Students Win 11th Best Blog Achievements in The Sea-Teacher Program


FETT Tidar University has participated in the SEA-Teacher and SEA-Tvet programs which are organized by the South East ASEAN Minister Education Organization (SEAMEO). The SEA-Teacher Program is a student exchange program for education majors in teaching practices in ASEAN countries. With the existence of this program, it is hoped that students can improve their teaching abilities (pedagogics) and become more active in using international languages, namely English. The SEA-Teacher program is scheduled regularly twice a year, namely the first period in January-February and the second period in August-September. While the SEA-Tvet program is a student exchange program to carry out apprenticeship activities. Just like SEA-Teacher, the SEA-Tvet program is also held twice a year with a period that is almost the same as the SEA-Teacher program.

SEAMEO held a presentation on the evaluation of SEA-Teacher and SEA-Tvet activities after the program was completed. In this implementation period, SEAMEO held a SEA-Tvet program evaluation activity on March 26-27, 2019 at the Excelsior Hotel, Ipoh, Malaysia and SEA-Teacher program evaluation activities on March 28-29, 2019 in Kedah, Malaysia. FETT Tidar University, during the program period sent students to both programs, received an invitation from SEAMEO at the program evaluation. The evaluation results of the SEA-Tvet program and SEA-Teacher in general have been good and received a positive response from program participants, both the university and delegation students. The evaluation activity was attended by the Dean of FETT, Prof. Dr. Sukarno, M. Si. and Vice Dean of General and Financial Fields, Dr. Dwi Winarsih, M.Pd. and got a surprise for the student’s achievement in the 11 best blogs. This achievement was achieved by Yuliana Dewi as the 7th rank of the best blog in this batch 7 SEA-Teacher program.

In the SEA Teacher batch 7 program which was held on January 7th – February 15th, 2019, FETT sent two students on behalf of Ariani Nur Fitria (English Education Study Program) and Yuliana Dewi (English Education Study Program). The two students conducted the SEA-Teacher program in Valaya Alongkorn Rajabaht University (VRU), Thailand. During teaching practice in the intended school, students must perform several tasks including conducting school orientation and observation, conducting teaching practices, conducting evaluations and teaching reflections, and at the end of the session students have to make reports in the form of blogs to get a certificate from SEAMEO.

Blogs created by SEA-Teacher participants are the final report that must be made. The blog contains information about the school where students teach, the curriculum used, the lesson plan, the situation during teaching practice, trips to tourist attractions, cultural exchanges, and the impression during the SEA-Teacher program.

Yuliana Dewi says “At first, it was pessimistic to get the best ranking, considering that there were quite a lot of competitors, namely 521 participants from three countries in Southeast Asia with great capacity.” This student with the blog https://yulianadewi1.blogspot.com expressed her happiness to be able to join the SEA-Teacher program because there were many unforgettable experiences of student enthusiasm and very high respect for the teacher. Yuliana Dewi gained a lot of knowledge both in terms of academics and culture, for her “experience is priceless”. (ER)

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