A New Doctor for Faculty of Education and Teachers Training of Tidar University


The English Education Study Program of Faculty of Education and Teachers Training (FETT) has a new Doctor, namely Dr.Sri Sarwanti, M. Hum.The Doctorate from Yogyakarta State University was successfully achieved after being able to defend his dissertation entitled “Developing Environment-based Collaborative English Learning Model for Rural Junior High Schools” in an open examination on July 17, 2019. Appearing to be present at the open examination, lecturers of FETT environment to give support. The dissertation with Promoter Prof.Sugirin, MA, Ph.D. and Co-promoter Prof.Dr.Sukarno, M.Sc.can be well-maintained in the exam.

The research conducted by Dr.Sri Sarwanti, M.Hum., was motivated by the limitations in teaching and learning processes, facilities, community services, and access to one-roof schools in the suburbs of Magelang Regency. That research was also strengthened by the educational paradigm that changed from teacher-centered learning to student-centered learning.Furthermore, the disruptive era promotes the students to do critical thinking skills, communication, collaborative activity, and learning creatively.With the existence of autonomous learning, she chose the collaborative aspect as a variable in her research.Based on the background of the problems faced at the school, collaboration-based environmental learning models were developed.The environment in this case covers the physical, psychological, instructional, and social environment.Based on her research result, it turns out this model is able to improve the students’ skills, character, collaboration, and scores.

This collaborative-based learning model includes the initial, core, and final activities. In the initial activity can be conducted by giving apperception with games, singing, storytelling, etc. The core and the final activities can use creative and innovative learning such as group work, pair work, gallery walk, etc. Dr. Sri Sarwanti, M. Hum is the 14th Doctor of FETT. The best for FETT. (ER)

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