Five FKIP Students Won the NUDC and KDMI at University Level


Sunday, April 14, 2019, Tidar University held a selection of English debate competitions, namely NUDC (National University Debate Competition) and Indonesian language debate competition (KDMI) in the multimedia room of UNTIDAR. 20 teams from all study programs joined the NUDC while the KDMI was participated by 5 teams from each faculty at UNTIDAR. The debate selection also invited juries from UNNES, UNDIP, UDINUS, and POLINES.

Five FKIP students demonstrated their abilities in English and Indonesian Debates at the university level English. The five students were Khusnul Wilanten, Nur Rohmah, Novia Indri Susanti, Yusuf Yuliyanto and Ade Safri Fitria. Khusnul Wilanten and Nur Rohmah are from English Language Education Study Program (PBI) who became the second winners on the university level of NUDC. As for Novia Indri Susanti, Yusuf Yuliyanto (PBI) and Ade Safri Fitria (Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program), they defeated other participants and won the 1st place at university level of KDMI. Furthermore, the winners of the Indonesian language debate (KDMI) will advance to the provincial level as the representatives of UNTIDAR at a more prestigious level of competition.

Keep it up FKIP students! (AL)

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