Being Selected, Student of English Department is ready for the Next EPIC Camp 3


UNTIDAR. After the mentoring process, Department of English Education has managed to send one of the applicants, May Willyana, to be selected for the EPIC (Pre-Service English Teacher) Camp 3. This event is held by Regional English Language Office (RELO) for senior students.

In this event, May and other participants from all over Indonesia will be trained various teaching English techniques for two weeks on January 15-27, 2017 in Batu, Malang. This event, which focuses on pre-service English teacher improvement, will be taught by professional trainers.

As the preparation, May expressed her enthusiasm to join the event, “I hope I will be able to grab the knowledge, so I am going to share it with my collegemates”. In line with her statement, Head of Department, Malik Firdaus said his hope that in the coming years there are more students involved in the event. Thus, it improves the students’ quality. (WR)

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