FKIP Students Represent UNTIDAR in the Selection Of The 2019 ONMIPA-PT at Regional Level


The University National Olympiad of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (ONMIPA-PT) is a competition that is routinely held every year. The ONMIPA-PT is held by the Directorate of Student Affairs, Directorate General of Learning, and Student Affairs, Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. There are several stages of ONMIPA-PT selection held namely university level, regional, and national selection.

Wednesday (27/03/2019) in the multimedia room, 12 FKIP UNTIDAR students participated in the Tidar University Level of the 2019 ONMIPA-PT selection. The contested fields in ONMIPA-PT are Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. FKIP sent its representatives consisting of 3 students for each field. The selection of ONMIPA-PT at Tidar University was attended by 50 students from Faculty of Education and Teachers Training, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Agricultures. Students were asked to work on short questions and essays within 2 hours in the selection.

Maximum effort from students and the support of supervisors, and FKIP student affairs gave satisfying results. Seven FKIP students passed the ONMIPA-PT selection at the Tidar University level in 2019. The students will certainly represent UNTIDAR at the Regional Level of ONMIPA-PT selection on March 26-27, 2019.

Passing the ONMIPA-PT’s university-level and progressing to regional level selection is a valuable opportunity for students to demonstrate their abilities. Vindy Utami is one of the FKIP students who will represent UNTIDAR at the Regional Level of Chemistry ONMIPA-PT selection. It is her second time of the year to represent UNTIDAR in the same place. “I am very grateful.  Alhamdulillah, happy and surprised because I could get another chance to participate at the regional level of ONMIPA-PT selection. With this opportunity, I can make my parents proud. Besides that, I also thank the supervisors who have guided me to prepare for this competition. I hope that this event can be advanced to the national level. Amen.” said Vindy when interviewed. (AL)

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