Prima Ferry, Published Scientific Work Through LLTC International Seminar


It is a must for a lecturer to do Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi which includes teaching, doing research, and social service. Not merely doing the three, every lecturer is required to publish the results in scientific meetings both nationally and internationally as one of the outcomes of them. A Lecturer of English Education Study Program (PBI) of FKIP – Untidar, C. Prima Ferry Karma, M. Pd., became a speaker at LLTC Seminar on Friday to Saturday, (3-4/10) at Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta. LLTC is abbreviation of Language and Language Teaching Conference is a conference/ seminar on language and teaching held annually at Sanata Dharma University. LLTC in 2017 took the theme of “Empowering Learner’s Autonomy” by inviting Thomas Robb from Kyoto Sangyo University, Prof. Dr. Stephen J. Hall of Sunway University, and Paulus Kuswandono, Ph.D. from Sanata Dharma University as keynote speakers.

On that occasion “Mr. Ferry”, he was often called, delivered his research on improving the English language skills of the guard at the Conservation Hall of Borobudur Temple using Role Play. He stated about the importance of English proficiency for the security guard there. “It is important for them to communicate with foreign tourists, because on holidays, visitors can be up to fifty thousands per day. One thing that is very important to be improved is their motivation in learning English, “he said.

According to the results of his research the security guard there has a low motivation. One way to improve it is by using Role Play activity. Role Play is an activity that is commonly used to improve the speaking ability of a language learner. By using Role Play activity, learners will be more motivated to improve their abilities. Despite not getting the most out of it, he revealed that this technique is good to be applied to speech learning activities. (AL)

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