Organization Structure


Prof. Dr. Sukarno, M.Si.

Vice Dean of Academic and Students’ Affairs

Dr. Hari Wahyono, M.Pd.

Vice Dean of General Affairs and Finance

Dr. Dwi Winarsih, M.Pd.

Chair of the Language and Art Department

Lilia Indriani, M.Pd.

Secretary of the Language and Art Department 

Imam Baihaqi, S.Pd., M.A.

Chair of the Mathematics and Sciene Department

Dr. Ahmad Muhlisin, M.Pd.

Secretary of the Mathematics and Sciene Department

Siswanto, M.Pd.

Coordinator of English Education Study Program

Moch. Malik Al Firdaus, M.Pd.

Coordinator of Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program

Rangga Asmara, M.Pd.

Coordinator of Sciene Education Study Program

Eko Juliyanto, M. Pd.

Coordinator of Mathematics Education Study Program

Arief Budi Wicaksono, M.Pd.

Coordinator of Biology Education Study Program

Dr. Setiyo Prajoko, M.Pd.

Coordinator of Master  Indonesian Language Education Study Program

Dr. Yulia Esti Katrini, M.S.

Head of the Laboratory

Rini Estiyowati Ikaningrum, S.S., M.Pd.


Head, Division of Administrative Affairs

Agus Mujiman

Head, Subdivision of Academic and Student Affairs

Irkham Hakim, ST.

Head, Subdivision of General Affairs and Finance

Sri Subekti


Ratih Adriyanti, A.Md.

Bayu Paningron, S.Kom.

Dias Krisna Arvianto, S.IP.

Yuli Widhiasih Rahayu, S.E.

Fransiska Yekti Dewi Perwitasari, S.Pd.

Laboratory Assistant

Janur Seto Kasari, S.T.

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