International Internship of EFT Course


“I’m very impressed……” said Muhammad Agus Muwafiqi or usually called as Fiqi when he asked his experience during joining internship in English for Tourism course for four weeks.

They did internship in Bukit Gambang Resort City, one of popular tourism destination which is located 218 km from Kuala Lumpur. There were 21 English Education study program’s students who joined this internship until 6 December 2017.

“In this resort, we can practice in tourism sector directly. We were located in Safari Park and Water Park. We did not only guiding, ticketing, scanning ticket, giving information about tourist destination, but we also learned servicing tourist which we had learned theoretically in class before”, added Fiqi.

He also said that in the resort, they could learn knowledge that was not given in the class. During internship, they must able to adapt quickly and learning by doing. It was challenging, since internship showed as the reality in work place.

Yoshinta Adinda Bayu, another student who also joined this internship, said that she could interact directly with foreigner. We also faced interesting incident, such as we must guide with body language when we met Chinese or Indian since English or Malay only made them more confused. Although Malaysia is ESL (English as Second Language) country, there are lots of Malaysian who cannot speak English fluently. In here the basic rule is “I understand, you understand, don’t care with grammar”.

Ulfa Purnamasari, who not only joined internship but also performed national dance with two other students, said “I’m impressed, moreover I can showed to Malaysian our national creation dance.” To support her performance, Ulfa and her friends, Cahyadini Arupadhatu and emi Arin Budiarti, practiced that dance intensively and also brought jaran kepang (flat horse rode by dancer as property, made by bamboo) and other properties from Magelang.

In this end of the interview, they hoped that international internship for English for Tourism course must be better in all aspects in the next implementation. As Ali Imron, M.Hum., as the lecturer of EFT who also took a part directly, said “we hope the pioneers’ experience can be important evaluation’s material for the next international internship in other course in this faculty, in this university”. (GF)

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