A New System for KRS


At the beginning of each semester, students are required to submit a study plan, including students who are working on the final project. Starting this semester, the system for the Study Plan (KRS) has changed. The changes that occur are the additional of “Course Offer”  and the “Cancel or Add KRS” menus. The students are obliged to order and fill their KRS before the lecture starts.

According to the Coordinator of Mathematics Education Study Program, Arief Budi Wicaksono, M.Pd., “The purpose of adding the “Course Offer” menu is to find out the number of students who will take courses so that the number of classes that will be opened for the courses can be estimated” . In the previous KRS filling system, the students immediately filled in the KRS without having a chance to order courses, so it was difficult to track down the numbers of students who would take the course. The offer for lectures in the even semester of the 2018/2019 academic year is scheduled for 7-13 February 2019. KRS and validation for KRS fillout activities will be held on the 20-22 February 2019. The process of the KRS filling out and validation in this semester has no difference from the previous semester. This activity is carried out for students of Single Tuition (UKT) and non UKT.

Meanwhile, the Cancel or Add KRS activities are scheduled for February 25-28 2019, before the lecture begins. According to Arief Budi Wicaksono, M.Pd., “There is a change in the schedule for Cancel or Add KRS to anticipate loss experienced by the students. If Cancel or Add KRS is scheduled after the lecture starts, students may lose up to two meetings “. Based on system, students whose attendance does not reach 75% are not permitted to take the Final Semester Examination. [FR-NA]

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