Enhancing Teaching Quality, FETT Convened the Workshop of Designing Lesson Plan


Faculty of Education and Teachers’ Training (FETT) of Tidar University (Untidar) hosted the workshop of designing lesson plan  and enhancing  FETT capacity in educational services of FETT Untidar  in Bandungan, Semarang regency, on Sunday   (25-26/11).

The event was joined by all lecturers and staffs. “Research-Based Learning focuses on the students. They are hoped to find theories aspects. The lecturers are expected to apply active learning in learning process. Therefore, lesson plan is needed to be designed in order to help the lecturers for having classroom learning plans.   By joining the workshop, the lecturers are able to plan excellent teaching and learning process so they will have great quality,” explained Prof. Dr. Sukarno, M.Si., Dean of FETT, in the opening speech.

The event was attended by the Rector of Untidar, Prof. Dr. Cahyo Yusuf, M.Pd., who contended the curriculum policy in Untidar. “ After the workshop, I hope the participants  can give comments on Untidar curriculum or study program, designing lesson plan, and research- based learning model,’’ said Prof. Dr. Cahyo Yusuf, M.Pd. He added that the learning processes in Untidar were input, proses, output, and outcomes.  Those aspects underlined the design of syllabus and lesson plan.

The Vice Rector of Academic Affair explained about designing lesson plan. “Lesson plan is made by considering the syllabus. Each lecturer who is going to teach should have lesson plan.  The lesson plan should consist of learning competences, the way to achieve the competences, and the assessment result.

Moreover, the lecturers also learned how to decide the evaluation learning. “Nowadays, authentic assessment is appropriate to measure the learning result. The assessment is able to assess the aspects of cognitive, psychomotor, and affective of the students,” shared Prof. Dr. Burhan Nurgiyantoro, the expert of learning evaluation of State University of Yogyakarta.

The event was continued by the presentation of lesson plan in each study program which was continued by having discussion. Moreover, the Vice Dean of Academic and Students’ Affair, , Drs. Hari Wahyono, M.Pd., and the Head of Administration  FETT Untidar, Agus Mujiman, also explained about educational services.

Besides, the participants also joined capacity building session that gave working motivation in which it was given by the event organization. All in all, all civitas academica of FETT Untidar committed to give the best services. FETT is the best! (CA)

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