Dr. Hari, The Owner of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) “MUTIARA CONTAINS”


Coinciding with the flag ceremony in commemoration of the National Education Day on May 2, 2019 at Tidar University, Dr. Hari Wahyono, M.Pd., one of FKIP’s inspirational lecturers, was honoured for his achievements in obtaining IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. Dr. Hari holds the copyright for a type of computer program created under the name “MUTIARA BERISI” (Assessing Information Technology-Based Speaking Quality).

 “MUTIARA BERISI is a software about measuring speaking skill/speech. The background its  creation is the phenomenon of the assessment of speaking skill which is still manual and the need for the assessment by utilizing information technology advances, namely by making computer programs, so that the assessment of speech can be done anywhere by using MUTIARA BERISI.” Hari said.

The submission process of IPR MUTIARA BERISI, is not too long. There are several requirements that need to be completed in submitting IPR online, such as the identity of the creator, guidelines for users, guidelines for evaluating the product, and others.

The expectation of obtaining the IPR of MUTIARA BERISI is that the product can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime, for any purpose, especially related to the assessment of the speaking skill with the permission of the creator of MUTIARA BERISI. “My product MUTIARA BERISI” can be used in the context of learning assessment or in speaking competitions such as speech contests, etc.” added Hari.

Dr. Hari motivates FKIP lecturers to be productive with the greatest spirit, “Come on, Colleagues. There are many things and opportunities for FKIP lecturers’ to work on and create works that can be patented and useful for many people. It is not difficult to get IPR if there is a will and ability,’ closed Hari. (AL)

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