Dr. John Hope Encourages FETT’s Students to Study Abroad


The Faculty of Education and Teacher Training (FETT),Tidar University conducted Guest Lecturing and Academic Sharing with Dr. John Hope from The University of Auckland. It was held in Auditorium of Tidar University.  The second and sixth semester students as well as the lecturers of English Education participated in this event (31/3).

Possible Chance to Study in New Zealand were chosen as the Guest Lecturing’s theme. “It is possible for you to continue your study abroad, especially in New Zealand. Many scholarships are provided in Indonesia and New Zealand.” Dr. John Hope explained to the students. Dr. John Hope who owns position as The Associate Dean of International Affair and Senior Lecturers, Faculty of Education and Social Work, The University of Aucklandhad given a compliment to English education students who has a good English proficiency. Furthermore, he also encouraged them to continue their study abroad.

“The Faculty of Education in the University of Auckland is in 20th place in the world. We have six thousands international students from hundred countries. Therefore, we give the chance for Asian students to study in our university through scholarship,” said Dr. John Hope.

One of participants, Putri Duwi, the 4th semester students of English Education asked about the short course program. “We organized short course in two weeks. Visit schools and universities in New Zealand is the activity for short course,” Dr. John Hope explained.

We do hope that this guest lecturing from Dr. John Hope will give the knowledge for students to study aboard. Moreover, We also expect that the international cooperation between FETT, TidarUniversity and The Auckland University will be continued with the useful program such as students and lecturers exchange and other activities in research and social works.(WJ-AW)

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