EDSA BAYANAKA Held Ramadan Fast-breaking with the former EDSA Board

photo by edsa

Magelang (30/06) – Efforts to strengthen EDSA good relationships with other organizations continue to be encouraged. Human Resources Development Division is constantly doing serious attempt to invite active participation of EDSA Board in getting to know other organizations; to put it call an activity carried out by all administrators of EDSA BAYANAKA this afternoon. Taking place on Jalan Anggrek 2 Kelurahan Kemirirejo, Magelang Tengah, which is the residence of one of the board of EDSA BAYANAKA Meira Elok, the organization gathered its member to the Ramadan fast-breaking. The event was presenting the title “Buka Bersama Bareng Demisioner” (Ramadan Fast-breaking, or iftar with the former EDSA Board) It was attended by all administrators of current EDSA BAYANAKA and the former EDSA Board of 2017/2018. This event was also marking the inaugural meeting between all current and the former 2017/2018 EDSA Board. The introduction lead by the former board of EDSA was pleasantly greeted by the board of EDSA BAYANAKA. The latter continued the session with introduction as well.

Some of the things discussed in this event include messages and tips disclosure from the former EDSA Board on maintaining the solidity of an organization. The topic discussed was solemnly captivating the participants’ attention. Even then, they dissolved in the pretty engaging chat. Mutiara Abdul Majid, the EDSA’s former chairman, motivates the current EDSA board on how to organize. He also shows support and spirit for the better EDSA. “I define the spirit to show dedication to EDSA with just one word “ikhlas” (sincere, whole-hearted-)” he said, which was then greeted with the applause of all participants. The participants of this Ramadan Fast-breaking hope the similar events should often be done. In addition to adding a sense of kinship, fostering the spirit with togetherness is also very necessary. (Ana / EDSA)

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