Student Executive Board Faculty of Education and Teacher Training



Consolidation, communication, coordination, and resolution


  1. Promote good cooperation between civitas academica of FKIP.
  2. Create a solid and dynamic management.
  3. Maximize the roles and functions of intra campus institution to show the institution existence.
  4. Create an effective communication both intra and inter FKIP institution.
  5. Be active and responsible in coping all FKIP students aspirations.
  6. Build harmonized atmosphere which unites FKIP
  7. Involve and utilize all elements at FKIP and work together to build FKIP.
  8. Base all planned activities on predetermined targets.



President                                            : AMIR KUSNO

Vice President                                    : DEWI SAPTI. N

Secretary                                            : IROH HAR’AN KHOIRUNNISA

Treasurer                                            : MUSTIKA AYU EKASARI

Information & Communication         : USWATUN KHASANAH

General Affairs                                   : DANI SETIYAWAN

Public Affairs                                      : ASHWIN KHOIRUL BASYAR

Head of Indonesian Department      : INDAH NURMAYANI

of Student Association  

Head of Indonesian Department      : AZIS

of Student Association

General Members  :

  1. Kartiko
  2. Arief nugoho
  3. Nur hadi roni
  5. Nur hadi roni
  6. Zamroni
  7. Alif tiwi estriyanti
  8. Aulia fauzi rahma
  9. Bangkit dwi pambudi
  10. Silvi fajrin
  11. Agus
  12. Septyana nur laily


Planning Events (BEM)

NO Activities Person in Charge D Day Participant Outcomes Funding
1 Annual Meeting plans events President 12- 13 February 2016 Student Executive Board Planning events university
2 PDKM President 2-3 April 2016 Second and Fourth Semester Students 1.   Preparing students to be more democratic

2.   Preparing proposals for all agenda

3 Pre Orientation Community Service Program President 27-29 May 2016 Second Semester Students Entrepreneurship Proposal university
4 Student Orientation “Masimaru” President 20 August 2016 Freshmen Familiarizing freshmen with the campus life university
5 Indonesian Bulan Bahasa President October (28) 2016 FKIP Students and Senior High Students 1.   Poetry anthology book

2.   Short Stories Anthologies

3.   Seminar notes

6 Community Service President 25, 26, dan 27 November 2016 Second Semester Students 1.   Community Service Experience

2.   Entrepreneurship Proposal

7 Student Election of Student Executive Board and Student Association (EDSA and Himaprodi PBSI) President 31 December 2016 FKIP Students New Student Executive Board and Student Association (EDSA and Himaprodi PBSI) university


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