The First KM FETT’s Congress Officially Held


UNTIDAR – Students Representative Council of Faculty of Education and Teacher Trainings (FETT) University of Tidar held the first congress of FETT’s students family entitled “the synergy of FETT’s students association for better FETT”. This event was held for four days, april 13th, 14th, 19th and 26th 2018, in Gedung Teknik E3.2.06 University of Tidar. This first congress was participated by delegation of FETT’s students association, i.e. DPM, BEM, Indonesia language and Literature, English, and natural science students association.

Rani Rahayu, chief of DPM of FETT, was opening this event and also gave speech in this congres. “This is the first congres KM of FETT. The main topic is how to realize the synergy of KM of FETT since it is the main point in improving the quality of FETT especially the student association”, he said. Rani also added that the outcome of this congress can really provide benefits for many parties, not only for students association but also FETT students.

In the beginning, this event was led by Ridan Setyo Pambudi; Pertiwi Juli Astuti; and Septa Hardiyaning Tyas, members of DPM FETT. Then, Ridwan continued as presidium, accompanied by Muhammad Dwi Raharjo (Students Executive Board of FETT), who was changed by Mutiara Abdul Majid, and Adinda Pematasari (Students Association of Natural Science Education). Some points which were discussed in this congress were rules of the congress, constitution and bylaws, and Boards outline of work outline of student association of FETT.

This event actually will be held for two days. Since the lack of time and room, this event held for four days. “Since the lack of place, we can’t finished this event earlier,” said Rani Rahayu. (GF)

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