Public Lecture from Conservation Centre in Biology Education


Biology Education study program, Universitas Tidar (UNTIDAR) held the public lecture which is invited Moh. Habibi from Borobudur Conservation Office. It was held in September 13th, 2019 and themed “Diversity of Fauna & Flora in the Relief of Borobudur Temple”. It was taken place in A3B4, Economic Faculty UNTIDAR at 13.00-5.00 and attended by the lecturers and students of Biology Education.

Dr. Ericka Darmawan, M.Pd. said that the aim of this public lecture is to enlarge the students’ knowledge about the diversity of animals and plants that exist in Borobudur Temple relief and explore the local wisdom of the ancient people in utilizing plants. In addition, this activity aims to determine the wisdom of the moral character that exists in relief so that it can be correlated with character education for the community at the present time. (FR/AW)

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