FETT : Inspiring Learning Media Competition in The Teachers’ Week of FETT Untidar


FETT-UNTIDAR (22/05). Faculty of Education and Teachers’ Training of Tidar University held various types of competition in Teachers’ Week. Prof. Dr. Sukarno, M.Si., the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Teachers’ Training, opened the agenda of Teacher Week 2017 at the Auditorium Building of Tidar University. One of the competitions that enliven this event is the Inspiring Learning Media Competition. The competition was participated by 14 teams; 5 teams from Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program and 9 teams from English Education Study Program. The contestants are students of 2nd, 4th, and 6th semester.

During the competition, students must present instructional media, such as digital-based media, mock-up, and learning modules. Media created is the original work of students who have never been included in the previous race. Learning media created by the students should also refer to the Competency Standards and Basic Competencies / Core Competencies in accordance with the level of education of elementary / junior / high school.

Coordinator of Inspiring Learning Media Competition, Endah Ratnaningsih, M.Pd. said “The outcome of this competition is that students can develop, create, and innovate in making learning media.” Student’s learning media in this competition are Snake Ladder Game Media, Film and Song Media, Synergy Brainstorming Teaching Module, Media Card Discourse, Wayang Media, Flying Pict Learning Media, Pop-Up Book Learning Media, Android-Based Learning Media and Education Game, and Roulette Learning Media. Hopefully, this competition can inspire prospective teachers and even teachers in Indonesia to create an interesting, innovative, and inspirational learning media. (ER)

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