Three Students of English Education Program Represents Tidar University in NUDC Kopertis VI Region


[FKIP-24/07/17] – National University Debating Championship (NUDC) Kopertis VI Region 2017 was held in Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta. This event was taken place on three days from July 12th until July 14th, 2017. This annual competition aims to select representatives from universities in the Kopertis VI Region to represent in the National level which wil be held  on September 2017 at University of PGRI Semarang.

There were 40 teams from universities in Kopertis VI Region, both private and state universities, including Tidar University. The students who represented Tidar University were Yusuf Yulianto and Novia Indri Susanti. Besides, there was a student, May Willyana, as participant of N-1 Adjudicator. All of those students were from FETT (Faculty of Education and Teacher’s Education).

Yusuf explained that their achievement this year is better than before since they could make it through round 16, eventhough they couldn’t pass through the next round after competing with the team from University of PGRI Semarang, Satya Wacana Christian University, and Jenderal Soedirman University. The theme for debating in round 16 was  “As Newly Developing Countries THW Prioritize Establishing Democracy Over Economic Development.”

Further, Yusuf said , “We are so excited meeting such great debaters from other universities. We get knowledge about debating and unforgettable experience. This event is also as a whip for us to imrove our debating skill better in quality and quantity.

He also explained that he is proud to be the student of FETT Tidar University, since Tidar University has been taken into account in NUDC Koperis VI Region. He hopes that other students from other study programs at Tidar University who want to join in the competition prepare themselves by joining in English Debating Society of Tidar University.

Congratulation for Yusuf Yulianto and friends. (DZ – NA)

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