English Education Study Program Students Carried Out Hoteliers And School Visit Practices


English Education Study Program as one of the study programs in FETT Untidar has a graduates’ profile as English educators, edu-preneurs, and researchers. The learning experience at the tertiary level plays an important role in preparing students to be able to enter the workplace. Therefore, English Education Study Program held a Kunjungan Kerja Lapangan (KKL) to support graduate competencies. KKL is conducted in the context of hoteliers’ practical activities and international school & national school visits to support English for Tourism and English for Children subjects. The main purpose of the KKL activities is to facilitate students in applying the materials they have learnt in the class in real situation.

 KKL was held on Monday September 30, 2019 and was followed by 76 students of 5th semester of English Education Study Program which were divided into several groups and accompanied by some lecturers. The international and national school visit program visited Mondial Elementary School Semarang. Meanwhile, hoteliers’ activities take place at the Grand Artos Hotel & Convention in Magelang. Students were very enthusiastic in participating in the KKL. This can be observed from school tour activities, hotel tours, table manner, and ongoing discussions.

“The KKL program is expected to improve student competence in relation to school management and hotelier knowledge as well as enriching the understanding and additional abilities as a provision for students to develop their knowledge,” said Arum Nisma W., M. Pd. (ER)

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