Untidar Students Executive Board Visited UMMagelang

photo by bemfkip

On Saturday, April 7, 2018, FETT Students Executive Board of Untidar visited to UMMagelang Students Executive Board in purposing close relationship either FETT students or among Students Executive Board. Previously, FETT Students Executive Board of Untidar had held togetherness with UMP Students Executive Board.

This agenda has been well-prepared by Public Relation Division of UNTIDAR Student Executive Board and it also got warm greeting from the UMMagelang Student Executive Board. This meeting was opened by Mutiara Abdul Majid as The Chief of Untidar Student Executive Board then as The Chief of UMMagelang Student Executive Board; Alif Rizki Yunanto gave the soft welcome to their guest.

The next activity was introduction members of both Untidar Student Executive Board and UMMagelang Student Executive Board. There are 69 members of UMMagelang Student Executive Board, they are divided into five department. These departments namely; Institutional Department, Talent and Interest Department, Academic Department, Community Service Department, and Spirituality Department. Untidar Student Executive Board consists of 19 members who involving in five divisions, namely: Development and Empowerment of Human Sources Division, Public Welfare Division, Strategic Review Division, Public Relation Division, and Communication and Information Division.

After the exposure from both Student Executive Boards, it is continued by discussion from them. They shared experiences & knowledge about organization. They also hoped that this activity can be useful and applied in their organizations. (AG)

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