Achievements of FKIP students in Tourism Ambassador in Magelang Regency


Tourism Ambassador as one of the interesting and prestigious events, began to be favored by young people throughout Indonesia. Those who can participate in the event must be at least 17 years and over. This event, which is held every year, is also much sought after by young people in the districts and cities of Magelang. The popular name is Mas and Mbak Magelang.

On Monday, 9 September 2019 was a historic day for two students of Faculty of Education and Teachers Training (FKIP) namely Nidaul Husna and Muhammad Fajar A., both are from Englsih Education Study program, who passed a series of tests to become finalists in Mas and Mbak Magelang in Magelang Regency . They succeeded to beat 110 people and entered into the finalists of the top 15 Tourism Ambassador.

A series of activities carried out by the finalists for two weeks. The activities were beauty shoot at Ketep Pass, briefing, choreography class, outbound, audience with the regent and grand final. Before the grand final, the finalists had to get as many likes through Instagram by clicking on their photos.

The Grand Final which was held on September 20, 2019 at the Grand Artos Magelang brought Nidaul Husna to become the final champion of the Mba Magelang District. Although Muhammad Fajar has not succeeded in this event, he claimed to be very happy because he gained experience about Public Speaking and the practice of tourism directly. This makes him more excited and wants to try again this prestigious event next year. (AG-NA)

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