Quality Upgrading of Science Education Program FETT UNTIDAR through ‘Dua Jam Bersama Prodi’


Dua Jam Bersama Prodi (Two Hours meeting with the Study Program) is a biannual program of FETT. It takes place by the end of each semester. In this event students are given the opportunity to share their opinion and express the aspiration about the lecturing process. Dua Jam Bersama Prodi PIPA was conducted on 25 May attended by all students. In addition to submitting a complaint, this event is also an evaluation for PIPA students and lecturers.

Students of Science Education Program (PIPA) and the Lecturers gathered in Auditorium UNTIDAR to discuss about how to find the solution for student’s obstacles and complaints experienced for the current semester, aiming for making PIPA to be better in terms of quality. This event opened with remarks from the chairman of the Science Education Student Association (Hima PIPA), Rudi Susilo. Followed by remarks from the Chief Executive, Ulin Nuha Ahmad Rifa’i.

In this occasion PIPA Head of Study Program, Dr. Ahmad Muhlisin M. Pd gave the message and also the motivation to the students “The result won’t betray the effort.  Don’t complain things easily. In order to pass this stage quickly you have to fight. Let us both fight!” Students and lecturers are hopefully becoming more solid to work together to improve PIPA to be better.

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