Expanding the Friendship, the SEB of FETT Untidar Visit the SEB of FETT UAD Yogyakarta


Sunday, May 20th 2018, the student executive board of the faculty of education and teachers training (SEB FETT), Tidar University (Untidar) visited the student executive board (SEB FETT) of Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD). Fasting month does not mean a barrier to have this activity. SEB FETT Untidar did this visit to build the relationship between FETT’s students especially FETT Untidar and UAD. This activity is one of the work programs of public relation division of external subdivision. Prior to this event, SEB FETT untidar have visited SEB FETT UMMAgelang and got a visit from SEB FETT Muhammadiyah University Purwokerto.

SEB FETT Untidar was warmly welcomed by SEB FETT UAD. This event was opened by the speech of the chief of SEB FETT UAD, Fitra and followed by the speech of the chief of SEB FETT Untidar, Mutiara Abdul Majid. Then, all the members of SEB introduced themselves. Video views and work program exposure within a year, then, followed this event. There are 45 members and 7 departments in SEB FETT UAD. Meanwhile in SEB FETT Untidar, there are 19 members and 5 divisions.

This event was followed by discussion section after introducing all the members and exposing their work program. This discussion and sharing session were expected to be useful for both organizations. This event was closed by giving the souvenir and taking a picture together. This visit was hoped to be the way to strength the solidarity of FETT’s students especially for the student executive board.

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