Competence of Graduates

Alumni Profile and descriptions

1. Indonesian Language teacher

Teacher for high schools (senior high schools/Islamic High School/vocational high school and junior high schools/Islamic Junior high School) who has ability in learning development; has assessing students’ Bahasa Indonesia learning achievement; researching Bahasa Indonesia learning activities; solving problems of Bahasa Indonesia’s learning students

2. Researchers in the field of Indonesian Language, literature and its education

Intermediate researcher who has research ability of methodology and conceptual in researching and publishing in the field of Indonesian language, literature and its education.

3. Journalist

Journalist who has ability in working in printed and electronic media, doing journalistic task professionally, has responsibility in fulfill columns, and has competent in editing.

4. Entrepreneur in the field of Indonesian Language, Literature, and its Education

Entrepreneur who has ability in creating and developing products of Indonesian Language, Literature, and its Education. Specifically, alumni are able to create learning service programs whom entrepreneur oriented, produce creative literary work in creative industry, and produce linguistic products which able in developing Indonesian construction.

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