Vision Missions and Purpose


This study program has a vision to lead the development of research-based, technology, information and communication-concept (TIK) and entrepreneurial science development in Indonesian language and literature education field which is able to compete in Southeast Asian region.


  • Develop research-based education of Indonesian language and literature in academic situation which respect culture and religion value.
  • Develop research and community service in Indonesian language and literature education sector which is based in technology, information and communication (TIK)
  • Develop networking in Southeast Asia region in implementing lecturer duty (teach, research, and community service) which support student and lecturer self-development to be scholar in educator, researcher, entrepreneur and science and technology inventor.
  • Develop professional academic management and service through rational, transparent and standard procedure.


  • Result the alumni who have the characteristics below.
  1. Possess a deep understanding on the scientific paradigm and teaching in the field of Indonesian language and literature.
  2. Possess basic skills in interaction and negotiation of Indonesian language teaching.
  3. Possess academic skills in responding challenge and problem in Indonesian language and literature education in order to answering world’s educational sector change.
  • Result the research and community service which can be implemented in Indonesian language and literature education and published in national and international level.
  • Realize the cooperation with the stakeholder both education institution and non-education institution in Southeast Asian level in the areas of academic, research collaboration, and implementation cooperation of research result.
  • Result the professional management system and academic service through rational, transparent, and standard procedure.
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