UNTIDAR Team Wins  the Second Place LKTIAN 2019 in Bangka Belitung


Didi Muno Irawan student of Mechanical Engineering Study Program, Diah Rosita Dewi student of  Natural Science Education Study Program (PIPA) and Devi Khofifatur Rizqi Indoensian Language and Literature  Study Program (PBSI) represented UNTIDAR in the Al Quran Scientific Writing Competition (LKTIAN) in 2019 FAIR LDK series at Bangka Belitung University. The contest itself is part of a series of activities in the LDK Fair 2019 which is a prestigious event for vocational until undergraduates students in Indonesia.

Tim mahasiswa wakil dari Universitas Tidar yang maju untuk presentasi di Universitas Bangka Belitung hanya dua mahasiswa yaitu Diah dan Devi. Hal ini karena Didi masih mengikuti kegiatan UTS. The team from UNTIDAR had to  compete with other universities in Indonesia. In the final round, the team from UNTIDAR was succeed to be top 12 finalists. At this round, the participants were asked to present their scientific paper. The activity was held on 30 April to 5 May 2019. All team were also asked to present their scientific paper. There were only two students who represented UNTIDAR in Bangka Belitung University, they were Diah and Devi.

“At first, we felt insecure when we were going to perform because of the lack of preparation in training. But with confidence and encouragement from various parties we finally won the 2nd winner in LKTIAN, “Devi said.               .

UNTIDAR presented a paper entitled “Altabatis; Semi Automatic Corn Planter Innovation Technology with Q.S. Yaasin Correlation Mechanism Method of Centrifugal Pressure verses 33-35”. The title was chosen because the team was concerned with corn farmers who experienced a loss of time and energy, and had not optimized about technology. The first winner of the 2019 LKTIAN was won by the University of Muhammadiyah Makassar and the third place was won by the University of Mataram. [MW-NA]

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