Untidar: FETT’s Lecturers Achieve the Research and Community Service Grant 2019


Recently, Director of Research and Community Service (DRPM), Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) announced the name of lecturers who achieved research and community service grant 2019. It was stated in the decree number T/140/E3/RA.00/2019. Universitas Tidar (Untidar) successfully passed 24 research and 6 community service proposals. Among of them were 10 research proposals and 3 community service proposals from FETT. The achievements of the research grants got by FETT Untidar increased to 100% compared to 2018. Last year, FETT’s lecturers only contributed 5 research grants and none for community service.

Ten FETT’s lecturers who passed the Beginner Lecturer Research (PDP) scheme came from different departments. Indonesian Language and Literature Education department (PBSI) contributed three researches, each chaired by Rangga Asmara, M.Pd., Dzikrina Dian Cahyani, M.A., and Asri Wijayanti, S.Pd., M.A. Then, five researches were from English Education department (PBI). They were proposed by Endah Ratnaningsih, M.Pd., Atsani Wulansari, M.Hum., Winda Candra Hantari, M.A., Widya Ratna Kusumaningrum, M.Ed., and Arum Nisma Wulanjani, M.Pd. While two other researches were from Eko Juliyanto, M.Pd. and Riva Ismawati, S.Pd., M.Sc.from Natural Science Education department (PIPA).
For community service grant, PIPA contributed two proposals chaired by Dr. Setiyo Prajoko, M.Pd. and Eko Juliyanto, M.Pd, while another proposal was chaired by Rangga Asmara, M.Pd. from PBSI.
 “”It’s nice to be able to qualify in this national competition and be able to compete with lecturers from universities throughout Indonesia. Achieving this grant means supporting the accreditation process of our department in term of research and community service,” said Riva Ismawati, S.Pd., M.Sc during her teaching schedule.
 “Alhamdulillah, due to the blessing and support for all parties, I can achieve this grant. I hope the result would be beneficial for the institution,” Endah Ratnaningsih, M.Pd. added.
Furthermore, Atsani Wulansari, M.Hum. hoped that the results of the research would be useful for Translation and Interpreting classes.
Then, Widya Ratna Kusumaningrum, M.Ed. hoped that next year she is able to achieve another research funding scheme because this year was her second year for PDP scheme.
The same thing was also conveyed by Eko Juliyanto, M.Pd, who this year passed a research and community service grant.
“Alhamdulillah, thanks to God. Hopefully next year I can achieve the research with different scheme and more Untidar lecturers will get funding,” said Eko Juliyanto, M.Pd.
When asked about the difficulty of making two proposals at once, Eko Juliyanto, M.Pd. said that there were no significant difficulties. It was only the theme that should meet Dikti’s requirement to be funded. “It is better to try”.
Gratitude was also expressed by PBSI lecturer, Asri Wijayanti, M.A. and PBI lecturer, Winda Candra Hantari, M.A.
 “I am glad to know that I achieve it since Dikti support three pillars of higher education. “Hopefully, in the future, Dikti will provide other grants to support the quality of lecturers and students,” said Asri Wijayanti, M.A. “Surprised! This is my first time joined this grant and I pass it. I warmly welcome the grant assistance that supports the vision of a research-based university. For lecturers who have many ideas and desires to compete, this grant is the right choice because these ideas can be developed and funded, “said Winda Candra Hantari, M.A.
When meet in his room, Dr. Setiyo Prajoko, M.Pd. who wrote community service proposal entitled “Pemberdayaan Petani Muda SERASI melalui Budidaya Sayur Menggunakan Smart Akuaponik” (Empowering Young Farmers SERASI through Vegetable Cultivation Using Smart Aquaponics) hoped that the people targeted for the program would have skills in aquaponic vegetable cultivation. In addition, he targeted to publish the community service result in national journal. Finally, he gave the tips to achieve Dikti Grant. “The proposal should be written in detail and the roadmap of research or community service should be clear.”
Congratulation for FETT’s lecturers who achieve Dikti grant 2019! (YF/AW)
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