Snatching The First Winner in PUSPIPTEK Short Movie Competition, ‘KOLABORARTSI’ Bring A New History for UNTIDAR


KOLABORARTSI is a team formed by UNTIDAR students who have the same passion in film. The team led by Ahmad Maulana Ghufar, student of the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program FKIP UNTIDAR semester 7, won the 2019 PUSPITEK Short Movie Competition as the first winner. KOLABORATSI defeated 207 competing teams from all universities in Indonesia. This event, which was held from 3 to 6 October 2019 in Tangerang, has several evaluation criteria, including papers containing scripts and information about films, teasers from films, content, cinematography, and film editing.

At the first step, each team was asked to register a documentary short film with a maximum duration of five minutes with the theme of innovation. KOLABORARTSI sent a film with the title “Pawuhan”. After passing the qualification, for the final selection, each team was asked to make a film about researchers who had been selected by the committee with the theme “Srikandi Science and Technology”. The film entitled “Wiguna” from KOLABORARTSI then brought the name of the team to be the winner in this competition.

“We are very happy because we succeed to be the best among prestigious universities throughout Indonesia. This is the first time fir UNTIDAR when the students were able to become finalists at the two biggest short film events in Indonesia in only a span of 2 months. Previously, we also succeeded in becoming a finalist in the 2019 Indonesian Student Film Festival in Lampung. Last year, in 2018, we also won 1st place at the UGM National Health Short Film Competition, “Ahmad said. (AG-NA)

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