FETT: The Student Association of PBSI Presents Literary Performance entitled “Literature Timeline”


FETT-UNTIDAR (26/4). The Student Association of Indonesian Language and Literature Education department (PBSI) held literary performance entitled “Literature Timeline” on Monday, April 23, 2018. This literary is the annual event. This event was officially opened by Rangga Asmara, M.Pd. as the coordinator of PBSI department.

This performance showed the various performances such as reciting a poem, reciting a chain poem, poetry musicalization, monolog, accoustics, and stand up comedy. The students from PBSI and also form another departments enlivened this events, for instance, Nia Desnata Hati, Kristia, and Frida the freshmen of PBSI who recited a chain poem. Beside that, Raffi and Veren from Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP) performed poetry musicalization. Then, Jauhar from electrical enginiring department performed stand up comedy.

In addition, the lecturers of PBSI, Imam Baihaqi, M.A. and Dzikrina Dian Cahyani, M.A. also attended this event. Both of them recited the poem to cheer thie event. Yaskur, the junior year of student said that “the audiences’ enthusiastic of this literary performance is greater. The performance is also good and rousing.” Setyo Herbi Bawono stated that “This literary performance is more bustling. This event was also attended by Mas Gepeng and PS wibowo from Temanggung and Magelang literary group.” Then, He expected that PBSI students will be more enthusiasts to enliven the next literary performance and they are able to perform well in literary performance held by students association. (WL/AW)

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