Twelve Lecturers of FETT Attended a Tidar University’s Internal Quality Auditor Candidates Workshop

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The workshop of internal auditor candidates was held on February 28 to March 2, 2019 in Multimedia Room of Tidar University. Twelve lecturers of FETT attended the workshop were Arum Nisma Wulanjani, M.Pd. & Candradewi Wahyu Anggraeni, M.Pd. from English Education Study Program, Asri Wijayanti, M.A. & Ayu Wulandari,M.Pd. from Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program, Sekar Jati P., M.Pd. & M. Radian Nur A., M.Pd. from Biology Education Study Program, Megita Dwi P., M.Pd. & Aprilia Nurul Chasanah, M.Pd. from Mathematics Education Study Program, Desi Nurhikmahyanti, M.Pd. and Riva Ismawati, M.Sc. from Science Education Study Program, and two lecturers from Indonesian Language Education Study Program, Dr. Mimi Mulyani, M.Hum. and Dr. Hari Wahyono, M.Pd..

┬áThe workshop, which was sponsored by the Diponegoro University Development Institute and Educational Quality Assurance (LP2MP), aims to capture and prepare Tidar University to have a professional and integrity team of Internal Auditors. The workshop was not only discuss a few things about the audit process, but also facilitate the participants to take a written test aimed at measuring capabilities in case of an audit. “We feel really learning about AMI (Internal Quality Audit) and feel equipped to audit later,” said Arum Nisma W., M.Pd.. (ER)

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