FKIP Held 4.0 Accreditation Form Compiling Workshop


(06/15/2019) Located in the Multimedia room of Tidar University, Faculty of Education and Teachers Training (FKIP) held a 4.0 Accreditation Form Compiling Workshop. This workshop was attended by FKIP structural officials, academic group teams, quality assurance team, and lecturer representatives from each study program within the FKIP environment with Dr. Sarwanto, M.Sc from Sebelas Maret University as the keynote speaker.

During the valuable day, Sarwanto gave materials related to Study Program Accreditation Instrument 4.0 (IAPS 4.0) for academicians of FKIP for which included a Self Evaluation Report (LED) and Study Program Performance Report (LKPS). Furthermore, he explained that Accreditation 4.0 is based on self-evaluation to identify strengths and weaknesses, and is oriented on the outputs and outcomes.

“There is a difference between the Standards and Criteria for BAN PT instruments before and after SN Dikti 2015. Before the SN Dikti 2015, there had been 7 standards namely Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives; Staff and management; College student; Human Resources; Curriculum; Finance, Facilities / Infrastructure; and Research and Cooperation. After SN Dikti 2015, there were 9 standards covering Vision, Mission, Objectives and Strategies; Governance, Governance and Cooperation; College student; Human Resources; Finance, Facilities and Infrastructure; Education; Research; Community service; and Tridharma Output and Outcomes,” added Sarwanto.

The application of IAPS 4.0 through the Study Program Management Unit (UPPS) began on April 1, 2019 and it has two main documents of IAPS 4.0 namely LED and LKPS. In compiling and preparing the main documents, an optimal, effective, and efficient synergy is needed between UPPS and the Study Program. By holding this workshop, participants can obtain insight related to IAPS 4.0 so that when the study program in FKIP will apply for 4.0 accreditation, the study program already has an overview for filling out LED documents and LKPS. (AL)

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