EFT1 Final Project: Vlog, to Act What You Think


The heart of learning is experiencing. The Final Project of English for Tourism 1 (EFT1) is designed to accommodate students’ expression in learning, focused on bringing the theoretical aspects of the subject through experience. The final project is in line with the basic competencies targeted by the course, which are able to reach an understanding of the definition of tourism and its aspects.

Nowadays, Video Log (later is called Vlog) is so hype. Vlog is basically a form of blog which the medium is video. It’s often combine embedded video (or a video link) with supporting text, images, and other editing attributes. Taking mostly the concept of documentary, Vlog has successfully winning the heart of the most video-sharing application users, youngsters. The medium is very popular yet resourceful for the course since it bridges the need assessment of the course.

To complete the requirement of the subject, each student must submit a 5-minute- Vlog of his or her tourism activity. Reading the text is prohibited since one of the purposes of the project is to check their clear understanding of the tourist destination concept verbally. The general theme for this semester is: Tourist Destination. Technically students must go to the-already-well-known tourist attractions or any other spot that has the potential. They are encouraged to be able to explain the ins and outs of that particular travel destination and apply the theoretical knowledge of the concept of an ideal tourist destination given in the class. Students are also invited to give their opinions and suggestions about the travel destination he/she had chosen. Either back sound editing or animation is permitted as long as it is not disturbing the substance. Collectively the students are then required to upload his/her Vlog to the class’ Youtube account.

So far there are positive comments from the students. Indra finds the project interesting since it gives him a chance to getaway from his routines. “We are having opportunity to explore various destinations, prices, accommodations and else, just like what we have studied in class, in reality. Moreover, students today love Vlogging to express our activities. We can shape our ability to speak, to show appropriate gesture or facial expression and to work with our camera so that we will be able to be confident in expressing ourselves about something”.  Niken adds “I got experience and information about a place which I haven’t known before. Somehow it is a kind of relaxation in the midst of hectic Final Exams. Though, I find difficulties in telling spontaneously since I have to think about grammar and vocab. Editing part is also challenging.”

Winda Candra Hantari, the lecturer of EFT 1 says that “Vlog brings benefits to the learning process, although EFT 1 extensively covered the theory, which is the foundation of English for Tourism but actually the theoretical knowledge given in the class should be checked in the real enclosure themselves through experience. Students are stimulated to have unique perceptions of the knowledge gained in the classroom. I’ll be very happy if later they can find something which can be learned from this project more than they have studied in class” To add the spark of up-to-date technology in the class, students are stimulated to familiarize themselves with online video-sharing application.(wd)

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