Capacity Building for Lecturers and FETT’S Staff


FETT Untidar holds a faculty workshop in Queen Hotel, Baturaden, Purwokerto, on October 26-27, 2019. That workshop is done for discussing the establishment of the lectures in one semester, the lecturers’ report of their work, the faculty funding, preparation for a new semester, and a funding preparation for 2020. The workshop is opened by Dr. Ir. Noor Farid, M.S.i., Vice Rector of Academic Division, and this workshop is led by Prof. Dr. Sukarno, M.Si., the Dean of FETT.

After doing a workshop, the lecturers and FETT’s staff are involved in a capacity building activity. Moch. Malik Al Firdaus, M.Pd., explains that “The capacity building is done for increasing the knowledge, skills, attitude, and behavior of the members of FETT Untidar. This is done for building the unity, creativity, innovation, teamwork, trust, and problem solving. Hopefully, after attending the capacity building activities, all the members of FETT may work harder to reach the best of the FETT Untidar.” (ER)

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