PKM 2018: Bosarang, Fun Way to Learn English


Human puzzle (Bosarang) is a English teaching method by using picture which is cut into pieces. This method was developed by students of English Education study program (PBI) University of Tidar.

“I was sad when knew that children in my village have under average ability in English. This is because of the school is too far away from the city, and there is no supported facilities,” said Ayutya Khoirul Mar’ah, 2nd semester students of PBI who came from Sembiran, Banjarejo, Kaliangkrik, Magelang.

Her concerns became basic idea in developing a teaching method in learning English in interesting, simple, and easy to understand way for children especially for junior high school students.

With her friends, Ratna Dwiyaning Raharjanti and Damayanti, Ayutya made a breakthrough in English teaching method BOSARANG (puzzle of human) which is used by students to learn descriptive text easier.

Descriptive text is a paragraph which describe an object, place, or an event that made reader can see, or feel directly what people describe in that paragraph.

Bosarang method was began to apply to students of MTS Kaliangkrik Magelang on May – July 2018.

“The team made 4 times meeting, they are: pre-test, give material without media, give material wit media, and post-test,” added Ayutya.

After did the pre-test, it can be found a fact that the 8th grade students of MTS Kaliangkrik were still found difficulties in arranging descriptive text. In the next meeting, the team explained how to describe human by using media and not using media.

“the students were so enthusiast with the media that is used, moreover when they applied Bosarang media. Bosarang is a kind of puzzle that can be used by students to be arranged as they wanted,” she said.

Team provided some pictures and puzzles of human body, kind of hairs, eyes, noses, etc. Describing English words by using Bosarang technique for this 3 moths got the result.

After using Bosarang, paragraph that is made by students became longer and used many kinds vocabularies,” explained Ayutya.

Bosarang is one of students creativity program (PKM) held by University of Tidar which passed the selection held by Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti). Bosarang is PKM group of Social and humanities research, with entitled the importance of Bosarang learning method through student’s creativity in descriptive text learning in MTS Kaliangkrik- Magelang (Peran Model Pembelajaran BOSARANG (Bongkar Pasang Orang) Terhadap Kreativitas Siswa dalam Pembelajaran Descriptive Text di MTs Kaliangkrik – Magelang). (GF)

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