PEMIRA : Student Associations Election


Faculty of Education and Teacher Trainings’ (FKIP) student association of Tidar University (HMJ) held general election (Pemira). The aim of this event which held in Thursday (29/12) is choosing the leader of Himpunan Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia or Himaprodi (student association of Indonesia Language and Literature study program) and the leader of English Department Student Association (EDSA). The candidates of Himaprodi are Muhammad Dwi Raharjo, Anggun Fitria Anindhi, dan Sahrul Mubarok, while the EDSA’s candidates are Mutiara Abdul Majid dan M. Agus Muwafiqi.

All of the candidates are third semester students. The requirements to be candidate of Himaprodi and EDSA are active students and have taken internship, and also have taken all HMJ’s work programs. Therefore, the one who can be candidate is third semester student since it fulfil requirement,” said Bangkit Dwi Pambudi, chairman of Pemira.

Those three candidates are optimistic in making Department of Indonesian Education and Literature (PBSI) can be better than last year. The EDSA first candidate, Mutiara Abdul Majid, has own vision to make students of Department of English Education (PBI) to be more characteristic. The second candidate has own vision to make EDSA as a place for students of PBI to develop potency and achievement.

Beside held election for leader of Himaprodi and EDSA, it is also held election for leader of executive student association (BEM) FKIP. However, it is only one candidate for BEM’s leader, he is Muhammad Zamroni. “Bem’s leader is chosen automatically therefore it is only wait for handover,” Bangkit Dwi Pambudi added .

pemiraPemira ought to be followed by all of FKIP’s active students, but the student’s participations are low. In this election, the total votes in Himaprodi for 1st candidate are 141, 2nd candidate are 25, and 3rd candidate are 101. Therefore PBSI’s students who participate in this election are 267 of 286 active students. The total votes in EDSA for 1st candidate are 140, and for 2nd candidate are 75. Therefore the students who voted this election are 225 of 498 students.

“The low participant probably because of the lack of socialization, although there was debate for candidate a week before Pemira, “ said Muhammad Zamroni, one of Pemira’s committee. Zamroni also said that the debate which is held in Auditorium is lack of audiences.

Nevertheless, Pemira is demarcation’s party for FKIP students. Through Pemira, it is hoped the chosen leader of Himaprodi, EDSA, and BEM can bring aspiration of all FKIP’s students that can make FKIP more successful.

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