SEA TEACHERS-SEAMEO 2018 and FETT UNTIDAR for Student Exchange Program


SEAMEO (Southeast Asian Minister of Education Organization) is an organization that was established in 1965 based on the convention of  ASEAN countries  in which it has seven priority scale that reflects education, such as 1) promoting early childhood care and education, 2) addressing barriers to inclusion, 3) preparing schools leaders, teachers, students, and local communities towards resiliency in the face of emergencies, 4) promoting technical and vocational education and training among learners and  their parents, 5) reforming teacher education and make teaching profession a first choice, 6) Harmonizing higher education and research, and 7) adopting a truly 21st century curriculum. The further information about SEAMEO can be accessed in

One of the programs that reveal the priority scale is the student exchange program in SEA TEACHER 2018. SEA TEACHER is a good program to provide opportunity for pre-service students-teachers among universities in South East Asia to do their practicum (teaching experiences) in schools in other countries in Southeast Asia. In realizing the program, SEAMEO has cooperation with FETT UNTIDAR to give great chances for students to join SEA TEACHER-SEAMEO 2018. Several requirements of SEA TEACHERS are able to be downloaded in . (CA)

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