121 Students Join Field Work Course in Semarang


This year, Semarang became the destination for 121 students of fifth semester in the Field Work Program held on September 19. The Field Work Course (KKL) Program carried out by the Indonesian Language and Literature Education study program is a bridge for students to gain knowledge and experience of students in the linear field of work besides becoming a teacher, which is to find work opportunities in the world of publishing, or to become a book writer, reporter, and other jobs that are still correlated with the language field.

PBSI lecturer as well as KKL coordinator, Firstya Evi Dianastiti, M.Pd. conveyed, with KKL, students of fifth semester can get a lot of benefits. This is because the students have not had adequate authentic experience and knowledge related to their field of work later. Therefore, through this activity, students can explore more information so that their knowledge about the field of work becomes wider. In addition, students can directly gain experience through hands-on practice.

Through various considerations, finally, the destinations chosen were the Central Java Language Center, TVKU (Udinus) and Lawang Sewu Cultural Heritage. At the Central Java Language Center students get a lot of information related to the importance of language preservation, the process of preparing KBBI ( both online and offline), and counseling to teachers related to UKBI, while  At TVKU Dian Nuswantoro University, students got valuable information and experience on broadcasting. Finally, students refreshed themselves at Lawang Sewu Cultural Heritage. At this place, students got information related to the history of Semarang City and the conservation of the historic heritage building from the Netherlands. AL

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