Science Education Student, Fimarizki Wins National Entrepreneurship Competition


Good news comes from one of the students of the Science Study Program of Faculty of Education and Teachers Training (FKIP) Universitas Tidar, Fimarizki. This fifth semester student was named as the 1st winner of the Student Entrepreneurship competition held by the Communication Forum (FORKOM) of the Indonesian State FKIPs in which the FKIP of Universitas Terbuka was designated as the host. Entrepreneurship is one of the four fields of student competitions in these activities.

Through an entrepreneurial proposal entitled SIPALPY “SINGKONG KEPAL CRISPY” as a Modernized Traditional Snack and Indonesian Food Preservation Media, Fimarizki won the first place and was awarded a medal, certificate and founding money worth of one million rupiahs. The competition began on September 14, 2019. After going through the selection process, the selected finalists presented their work before the jury on October 4, 2019.

“The competition that I joined at UT was a series of teaching competitions in education held by FORKOM of FKIPs throughout Indonesia. Actually, Science Education sent representatives in all fields of competition namely microteaching, learning media, LKTI, and also entrepreneurship. We had uploaded the file before the announcement informing that I was the only one who qualified in the field of entrepreneurship,” said Fimarizki, describing the process of the competition that he participated in. “After passing the proposal selection, I was invited to the UT Center in Tangerang for a presentation. Actually I did not think that would become the first winner, but thanks God I won this” he added.

Fimarizki feels so happy to be able to contribute to his beloved Science Study Program. “Its because hopefully it can be immediately accredited A when the study program does the re-accreditation. In addition, I am also pleased to be able to make the lecturers who come to this place proud as only one participant from UNTIDAR passed the selection and even won it.” he said eagerly. Besides winning the 1st place, Fimarizki also gained new experiences and riends.

The work that brought him to the first place came from Student Creativity Program (PKM) which received funding in 2018 with four colleagues. After being revised with some adjustments, the proposal was submitted for the entrepreneurship competition. Until now, SIPALPY cassava processed products continue to grow to produce millions of rupiahs in turnover within a month.

Congratulations Fimarizki, keep it up and be a high achieve! (AL)

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